SB 1383 Waiver Application Form

California Senate Bill (SB) 1383 is a state law that aims to reduce methane emissions created from landfilled organic materials, such as food scraps, paper towels, and yard debris. The regulations require all residents and commercial entities to subscribe to regular collection of organic materials, otherwise called “green bin service” or “compost service”. For more information on the law and its requirements, visit the food waste page of the NSD website and Recology's website.

Waivers From Organics Collection Requirements. Some commercial businesses/entities, including multi-family premises, may be eligible for a waiver from organics collection requirements if they can provide evidence to show minimal generation of organics or a physical space constraint. Please note that waivers are only valid for 5 years. An inspection may be necessary to verify qualification.

Complete the online form below OR download and print the PDF version.